I know Elena Vassilieva already for 10 years .
A lot of my friends and professional collegues gave me advices to work specialy with her. I was very happy about our perfect collaboration with her.

Her voice is beautiful and very large .She has great tehnics and very rare taste in music. But first of all I would like to attest her readyness to work with me or with another collegues. For me it was immediately clear that E.V. is an autentic artist.

I worked with Elena Vassilieva only contemporary repertoire; it was possible because she has an extremely large spectrum of knowledge of different styles and epochs. Elena Vassilieva sings an enormous repertoire; that gives her a very rich experience and big precision.

That's why I used very often her competence. It's very big pleasure for me to attest all qualities of this artist.

30 Novembre 2002 - Paris
Elena Vassilieva - Dramatic soprano
in the modern Music specialized

ELENA VASSILIEVA (soprano) was born in france in a family of musicians.When she was nine,she sung already on the stage the role of BASTIENNE(Mozart) with orchestra.She recorded a lot of records with her two sisters. She received the 1.st price of GOLDVOICE ,when she was ten.She followed a formation of classical dancer ,during 15 years.

She begins her career very early:
  • MAGDA(Puccini)/MANON(Massenet)/TATIANA
  • (Tchaikovsky)/Comtessa(Mozart)
as well as a contemporary heroine:
  • Perséphone(A.Bon)
  • Mrs.Euterpova(Menotti)
  • Manon(Henze)
Recently she sings more dramatic repertoire,such as :
  • DONNA ANNA(Mozart)
  • NORMA(Bellini)
  • LEONORE(Beethoven)
  • AM/ELIA(Ballo maschera)
  • ELISABETH(Tannhauser/Wagner).
She received many international prestigious rewards:
  • (Salzburg)/R.STRAUSS
  • (Regensburg)/D.MILHAUD(Paris).
During her international artistic career she sung in :
  • France
  • England
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Spain
  • Israel
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • Italian
  • Finland
  • Danemark
She sung in many theatres :
  • Chatelet / Paris.
  • Opera comique / Paris.
  • Concertgebouw / Amsterdam.
  • Musicverein / Wien
  • Lockenhaus / Austria
  • BBC / London
  • Tchaikovsky hall / Moskau
  • Royal College / London
  • Philharmonic Concert hall / Stockholm.
  • festival Présences / Paris./
  • Cité de la musique / Paris
  • Ferrara / Italia
  • Paleau della musica / Barcelona
  • Festival of Genève / Switzerland.
  • Festival Autumn di Turino
  • Nederland Opera Armsterdam