Alexandre Raskatov
November 2002

November 2002

Edisson Denisov
April 1999

Sofia Goubaidulina
November 1997

Irina Chostakovitch
February 2002

Alexandre Raskatov
November 2002

As a composer I always had a real pleasure to collaborate with Elena Vassilieva.

She recorded my compositions for such labels as BIS /MEGADISC /CLAVES.There are a lot of rare qualities both in the human charakter and in the voice of Elena Vassilieva.As a person,she has a fantastic feeling of communication ,always in good mood,seems never to be tired and -what is so important for a composer- it's extremely simple to work with her.

As a professional singer,she is a musician with huge spectrum and extremely refined and infallible taste. She has such a profound knowledge of her instrument- the voice- that I' ve almost never met during my artistic career.

As a composer I''ve learned a lot from Elena Vassilieva.She presents a very rare case when a singer can easily interpret classical music of different epoks.

She sings in many forein languages:for instance,on CLAVES production, she sings in 5 languages.At the same time she has a great knowledge of NOT TRADITIONAL techniques, which gives her a possibility to sing BOTH modern and folk music,in a brilliant and unusual way.

Her absolute ear and fenomenal feeling of rythm gives her a chance to sing even" a prima vista " the most complicated scores of contemporary music.

One can learn a lot from this musician.